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5 Pet-Friendly Holiday Costumes To Get Your Dog in the Christmas Spirit

It’s the holiday season again, which means dressing up in festive costumes and ugly sweaters. But what fun is it if your furry friend is left out? Many costume choices will make your pet feel loved- and they are not uncomfortable in any way. This article is dedicated to five of these amazing holiday costumes. Let’s get into it.

Frisco Front Walking Elf Dog Costume

Christmas is approaching, so an elf costume is surely not out of place. Elves are prominent characters in Christmas legends; you can dress your furry friend up as one for a fun moment.


The green and red jumper with the black belt is a sure hit. Although your pet might remove the cap after a while, taking pictures while it’s still on is essential. The Frisco Front Walking Elf Dog costume costs $17.99 on Chewy.

Rubie’s Santa Beard Hat Dog Costume

If you don’t want to go all the way– probably because you’re not sure your dog will like a full costume- you could get this simple costume. The costume isn’t a full ‘regalia,’ so your dog will be totally comfortable.


Despite the simple style, this costume captures the mood of Christmas with the fake Santa beard and cap. It’s also perfect for smaller dogs since it’s in small and medium sizes. Rubie’s Santa Beard Hat costume costs $6.99 on Chewy.

Disney Santa Stitch Walking Dog Costume

Dog costumes are about having fun with your pets and making them feel included. So, there’s no limit to how many costume pieces you can adorn your dog with- as long as they are safe.


On that note, this costume screams ‘Christmas’ in every way, from the full Santa clothing to the fake horns. However, the costume is for smaller dogs as it is only in X-small size. The Santa Stitch Walking Dog costume costs $17.99 on Chewy.

Frisco Front Walking Gingerbread Dog Costume

Aside from costumes that depict Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, and other Christmas characters, others also show the festive vibe. This costume is based on a common holiday snack: gingerbread.


This gingerbread dog costume is the full package. From the cap and Christmas colors to the candy cane, the costume is cute and unique. You shouldn’t forget to take a picture of your dog in it. The costume costs $19.99 on Chewy.

Frisco Holiday Antler Headband & Bell Collar Dog Costume

Of course, no Christmas story can be complete without Santa’s reindeer. Although you can’t turn your furry friend into Rudolph (Santa’s famous reindeer), you can incorporate its antlers for a fun costume.


While this costume is unmistakably festive, it is also very simple. Available in X-large and XX-large sizes, this headband is perfect for bigger dogs. Frisco Holiday Antler Headband & Bell Collar costs $12.99 on Chewy.

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