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Are You An Animal Lover? How Many Of These Animal TikTok Accounts Are You Following?

Whether you’re a sucker for cats or a canine lover, you’ll agree that pets are very adorable. They have cute moments that show us their feelings and surprising skills. Seeing these animals in live TikTok videos can be heartwarming; on these animal TikTok accounts, you get to see your fave pets shine like the stars they are. Here are five animal TikToks everyone is following!

Cooter – @maseplace

Cooter is a beautiful tabby cat that communicates amazingly. With 7.9 million followers on TikTok, you can imagine how funny and realistic the content is. Together with its owner, Mason, the cat is a comedy king.

Courtesy: TikTok

The most liked videos on this account are those where Cooter sits on Mason’s chest and responds to his questions. Mason captions Cooter’s meows so viewers understand what he’s saying. It’s funny and amazing how Cooter talks with Mason.

Evelyn – @evelynsfeathers

Evelyn is a white German owl pigeon that his owner adopted from a pigeon rescue. Evelyn’s owner occasionally posts ASMR videos of his coos. However, it’s Evelyn and his owner’s sweet and heartwarming content that draws people to the TikTok account with over 287K followers. 

Courtesy: TikTok

The most liked video on this TikTok is the one where Evelyn’s owner rated different items that he retrieved for her- it got more than 14 million views. There is also a joke that Evelyn isn’t a pigeon but a dog. The confusion is hilarious.

Noodle – @jongraz

Noodle is a pug, and his account is one of the most famous dog TikToks. Noodle and his owner, Jonathan, have over 4.4 million followers. The funny duo appeared on “The Today Show” in 2021 and discussed the significance of adopting older dogs.

Courtesy: TikTok

Noodle and Jonathan became famous with their ‘Bones or no Bones’ series. On days when Noodle flops down into his bed and has ‘no bones,’ it means we should take things easy. We can face anything when Noodle sits up and ‘has bones.’

Otis – @gardenstatetortoise

Otis is a box turtle that never ceases to amaze us with his funny actions and intelligence. While the TikTok account is a Garden State Tortoise account, Otis always revels in the spotlight as most of his 350K followers love to see the box turtle.

Courtesy: TikTok

Otis has different ways of making viewers smile, from videos in which he bites his nose to when he seeks affection. We also enjoy videos of him getting his chin rubbed. The other turtles and tortoises also add to the fun.

Rosie – @rosiehappypig

Rosie is a guinea pig that many other animals would envy. She’s the clear image of a pampered pet. We all enjoy watching her eat her favorite fruits, like pomegranates, bananas, and watermelon.

Courtesy: TikTok

Her 2021 video, where she was squealing while having a bath, went viral. Rosie also has beautiful accessories, a Halloween costume, and even a tent where she plays hide-and-seek. Watching her have fun is enjoyable and funny- that’s why she has over 370K followers.

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