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Does Yoga With Pooches Sound Fun To You? Here’s What You Should Know About Puppy Yoga

From flexibility to healing, the amazing results of yoga sessions make many people take it a tad too seriously– and that’s where dog yoga comes in. Dog yoga helps you infuse your practice with a little bit of fun. However, you may have to search online for dog yoga classes near you- they aren’t so common. Here’s everything you need to know about puppy yoga.

Does it mean yoga with real-life canines?

You might have heard of such variations as chair yoga, hot yoga, or kids yoga, but have you heard about puppy yoga? As the name suggests, puppy yoga means performing yoga poses in a room filled with puppies.

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The puppies are usually less than 14 weeks old. Aside from being around puppies, you might get to do yoga with them. Imagine a corpse pose with puppies in your chest or a lotus pose with a puppy in your lap. How sweet!

Are there rules?

Although each puppy yoga organizer or instructor has different rules, they generally revolve around the age requirements, feeding, and puppy handling. However, the rule about what to bring to the yoga studio is basic- every puppy yoga studio enforces it.

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Puppies are cute but also have a habit of chewing, peeing, and pooping on things. So you should not bring any precious personal possessions. In fact, most studios will provide everything you need for the class, like mats and props.

Can you bring your puppy?

You can’t bring your puppy to the yoga class. Yoga puppies come from breeders, private owners, or animal shelters. These private owners drop their pooches at the studio as a kind of daycare; they are not in the class themselves.

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Some puppies may be donated for the day by animal shelters. They do this hoping that the people in the class may adopt them and give them new homes. So you can leave the class with an adorable pup. 

Is there an age limit to attend a yoga class?

While it involves doing yoga with puppies, dog yoga is still a form of yoga. This implies it still possesses the sanctity of regular yoga; it’s still not child’s play, even though you get to play with beautiful puppies.

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Generally, in most studios, all those aged six and over can attend puppy yoga; those between 6 and 16 can’t come alone. What better way is there to invite your kid to yoga class than telling them there are cute puppies?

Does puppy yoga offer any benefits?

Yoga is already documented as having amazing benefits for relieving stress, anxiety and improving overall mental health. Adding puppies only amplifies this relaxing and feel-good power of yoga practice, improving feelings of confidence, positivity, and carefreeness.

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Dog yoga is great for combatting feelings of loneliness or isolation, as the company of puppies makes you feel relaxed. Also, you may engage in conversations with your fellow classmates. These discussions provide the perfect environment to develop friendships with new people.

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