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From Dolphins to Cats, These Animals Are Probably More Friendly Than Your Best Friend

There are many animals in the world, with each species or group of animals having distinct and unique features and behaviors. The behavior and nature of an animal determine how humans and other animals relate to them. So, in this post, we’ll be discussing five different animals that are known for their friendly and approachable behavior. Some of these animals are commonly known, while others aren’t.


These loyal friends of humans for centuries deserve a starting place on this list. Dogs are friendly animals and enjoy a very cordial relationship with humans, making them popular pets. They are from the same family as Gray wolves but are not as wild and have different features like smaller size and teeth. 

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Dogs are not just friendly with humans; they can also relate well with other animals, as they are social animals. Dogs can get jealous about you paying more attention to anything else. So, be sure to keep these guys involved.

Bearded Dragons

The bearded dragon is sure proof that reptiles can be friendly. They have a scaly, expandable pouch in their throat, earning them the Dragon in their name. Their appearance makes people think of them as dangerous. 

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Bearded dragons are friendly animals that can even be kept as pets; they can also relate well with other animals but don’t get along with members of their species. They are very social, curious, and can respond to those they know quite well. They can also be trained. 


Ever thought of rodents as friendly animals? Well, the Capybaras are one. Capybaras are known to be the biggest of the family of rodents, growing as tall as 2 feet. They possess teeth that grow continuously, and this, combined with their size, can make them look scary. 

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If an animal can be too friendly, it has to be the Capybaras. Besides getting along with humans, they are also friendly to monkeys, birds, camels, and even crocodiles, amongst others. The Capybaras have webbed feet, can swim, and can even sleep in water. 


These sea creatures enjoy spending time with humans. Dolphins are predators and swallow their food whole, but this doesn’t mean they are unfriendly, especially towards humans. 

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Dolphins enjoy associating and playing with humans and other sea creatures, as they possess a complex social nature and a high intelligence level. This is why so many people feel comfortable swimming with dolphins on vacation.


We can’t end this list without mentioning cats. Domestic cats belong to the family Felidae and are the only domestic members in the family. But despite them being from this family of wild cats, domestic cats are approachable and friendly. 

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Domestic cats relate very well with humans, making them a very popular pet choice. They can also be trained to relate with other animals effectively. Domestic cats can jump up to six times their height and sleep for over 12 hours daily. 

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