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Iconic Cats: These Cats Deserve Recognition for Playing Impressive TV Roles

While it may be true that cats are as common as dogs on TV, cats are far more dynamic. Dogs are expected to always be loyal and helpful to their humans, but cats can be unpredictable. They may be loving, funny, smart, or downright evil! In this article, we’ll explore five of the most iconic cat characters we’ve seen on TV.


If you’re a fan of “Saturday Night Live”, you know Toonces, the cat that regular cats can’t compare to. Although the cat didn’t resolve a murder case, it exuded an enviable charisma.

Courtesy: Cinema Cats

Toonces could even drive a car, although not like a good human driver would. Well, leave it to SNL to introduce characters and make them iconic. The cat went on to get its own primetime special!


Fans who have been following “The Simpsons” know that the current pet cat, Snowball, isn’t the first Snowball. It’s the fourth– the cat’s predecessors are buried in the backyard.

Courtesy: Pinterest

The most interesting thing about Snowball is how little it helps the family; the badass even abandoned the Simpsons at a time. Well, cats have never been known to be so loyal, don’t you agree?


We can’t discuss iconic cat characters without mentioning Tom in “Tom and Jerry.” As one half of the funny and playful duo, Tom is always chasing after Jerry- and he’s never so good at it.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Jerry always manages to get the better of him, and they even team up once in a while. Tom’s playful and somewhat naive nature makes him a TV character that we can’t ever forget, even if we outgrew the cartoon.


Salem is the show-stealing cat in the ABC comedy “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Salem was formerly a witch but was turned into a cat as a punishment for trying to conquer the world.

Courtesy: Digital Spy

Salem is sassy and full of snarky wit; although the cat wasn’t the star of the show, it always got viewers’ attention. Salem was the only character, along with Sabrina, that was in every episode.


Garfield, the star cat in The Garfield Comics, is another iconic character who enjoyed fame on TV. Aside from the original comics, Garfield also appeared in some TV series, like “Garfield and Friends.”

Courtesy: Garfield Wiki

Garfield is known for eating tons of lasagna, sleeping all day in the house, and torturing his best friend, Odie. The fat cat is funny and quite mischievous- just like our pet cats!

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