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Navigating Winter Dog Walks: How to Keep Furry Friends Warm in The Cold

Just like we shiver and feel uncomfortable when exposed to the chilly winter air, our dogs get cold too. But, while we can snuggle close to the fireplace, turn on the heater, or dress in layers, these cute pets need our help. Especially when they go outside for walks. Here are five tips to help keep your dog warm, especially while walking in winter.

It’s not Halloween, but you can still dress them up

While it’s cool and fun for your dog to wear themed sweaters on Halloween, these outfits can do more than make a good Instagram picture. Dog jackets and coats keep your furry friend warm effectively.

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However, it’s important to know that these dog jackets shouldn’t be too tight as they can make your dog uncomfortable. Also, avoid dog coats that have dangling charms or cords that your dog can swallow.

Protect their paw pads

Contrary to what some people think, you don’t have to rule out strolls with your dog because of the cold weather. Although the cold weather can be harsh on their paw pads, you can protect your dog.

You could get a paw balm to moisturize and protect your dog’s paws from sidewalk salts and other irritants. Another alternative is to buy paw wax to prevent dry, uncomfortable paws. Your dog will love it, trust us.

When is the best time for your winter dog walk?

While the cold is constant on winter days, different factors, like how sunny it is, can significantly affect how comfortable your winter dog walk is for your dog. It goes without saying that sunny mornings or afternoons are better for walks.

Courtesy: The Spruce Pets

You should also consider what is on the ground– maybe ice, snow, etc.– before taking your dog out. Walking on a sunny 32° afternoon when there is just a little snow on the ground is better than going when it’s windy.

Extra calories? They’ll need those too

Having established earlier that dogs feel cold, too, it then follows that their bodies also have ‘special’ needs during the winter season. Most dogs need extra energy to stay warm.

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This often makes them hungrier because the extra calories regulate their core body temperature. Especially when it’s exercising by walking, you’ll have to feed your dog more to help them remain warm.

You can minimize if need be

While there are many ways for you to make your dog more comfortable during winter walks, you still can’t change the weather. This means that, sometimes, the weather in your area can be too cold for your regular dog walks. 

Courtesy: Small Door Vet 

Well, you can shorten your walk to half the normal time in times like these. We recommend playing with your furry friend indoors before taking them out so they’ll still get their daily dose of exercise despite the short walks.

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