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Netflix & Puppies: Here Are the Best Doggie Christmas Movies

It’s the time for gathering your loved ones and watching movies, but who said your furry friend has to stare at the television without getting in the Christmas spirit? What if you could watch a movie with your furry friends and make them feel involved and entertained? That’s where these holiday doggie movies come in. We’ve picked five movies featuring dogs for you to chill with your pet this holiday period. 

Santa Stole Our Dog

This Christmas-themed movie is a magical holiday adventure that neither you nor your pet will get tired of. The dog in the movie is a central character, so you can be sure of how interested your dog will be.

Courtesy: IMDb

The movie is about the story of the Whitehaven family members who travel to the North Pole when their beloved pet goes missing. The movie features big names like Ed Asner; Dolly Parton also renders original Christmas songs.

A Christmas Tail

This is another movie that puts a pooch on the center stage. “A Christmas Tail” has all the vibe of a holiday movie- plus the charm of a dog movie. The dog in the movie is a Labrador Retriever, so if that’s your dog’s breed, they shouldn’t miss it!

Courtesy: IMDb

The movie follows the story of a single mom, Maggie, who adopts a dog for her son. Then she discovers a single dad and his daughter originally owned the dog. Both parties enter into a battle over who has the right to the dog’s custody.

A Dog Named Christmas

From the name, you already know it’s another Christmas-themed movie; it’s December, so why not? This heartwarming movie, based on the book of the same name, is about how valuable a dog can come to be to its human parents. 

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In this movie, a young man (Noel Fisher) begs his family to adopt a Christmas dog that eventually becomes an asset to the family. This movie reminds us of how endearing our furry friends can be. So why not watch it with them?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This movie remains one of the best Christmas-themed movies, even over 22 years after its release. Although the dog in the movie, Max, wasn’t the main character, he was an adorable partner to the Grinch.

Courtesy: IMDb

The movie is about the Grinch’s plans to ruin Christmas for the town’s citizens as a form of revenge. While his plans are interesting, the parts where he communicates with his furry sidekick are heartwarming and funny.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” is one of those Christmas-themed movies that we’ll always remember fondly. Well, it’s time to watch it again– but with your furry friend this time. The movie is about our favorite cartoon beagle, Snoopy.

Courtesy: IMDb

The movie is mainly about the efforts to decorate and modify Snoopy’s doghouse for the neighborhood lights display competition. Being the movie where Snoopy made his first TV appearance, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is a must-watch for you and your pet.

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