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Pamper Your Pet With These Holiday-Themed Treats

With the holidays just around the corner, the joyful hustle and bustle that comes with the festive season arrives in full. We put many plans into motion, whether going on a vacation, a shopping spree, or whatever else we’ve planned to do. But, while doing all this, we tend to forget our loyal furry friends. Here are special treats you can make or get for them to make the holiday enjoyable for all.

Gingerbread Dog Cookies

We love gingerbread for Christmas, but have you ever thought maybe your dog wants the treat, too? Gingerbread dog cookies are baked cookies adapted to be beneficial for dogs. It’s called gingerbread because powdered ginger is added to the dough. 

Courtesy: Pinterest

Making this gingerbread is similar to the preparation of human cookies. You’ll need gluten-free flour (or flour of your choice), ginger, cinnamon, an egg, coconut cooking oil, and molasses. Your pup will love this sweet treat!

Whimzees Dental Chews

Whimzees Dental Treats are for dogs to chew on. Most types of dogs can eat them to keep their mouths busy while also satisfying cravings. As dental chews, they help reduce bad breath and plaque. 

Courtesy: Whimzees 

They are available at physical and online shopping outlets for as little as $8. They are colored green and red, making them a popular treat during the Christmas holiday season. Add it to your dog’s Christmas wishlist!

MilkBone Holiday Biscuits

The MilkBone Holiday Biscuits are a good dog treat, especially for those who are always touring your kitchen while you cook. This biscuit offers dental benefits and is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Courtesy: Walmart

The biscuits are shaped in traditional bone and season tree and stocking shapes. They are also colored green and red, making them the perfect treat for your furry friends this season. 

Christmas Turkey Tree

The Christmas Turkey Tree is a great option for dogs with sensitivity or food allergy issues. It’s a tree-shaped, low-fat treat for dogs. Spirulina powder is a major ingredient in the preparation, resulting in its green color. 

Courtesy: Little Dog Tips

You also need ingredients like ground turkey meat, garlic powder, and dried oregano. Mix into a green paste, spread on a smooth surface sprinkled with oat flour, cut into tree shapes, and then place in a dehydrator at about 70°c for at least 6 hours. It’s usually shaped like a Christmas tree. 

Apple Mints Treats

There are many apple-based treats for humans, but this particular apple mint treat is special for dogs. Its major feature is the mint smell and taste. It is also low in calories and fats, making it a treat you should consider for your dogs. 

Courtesy: Brutus Broth

You’ll need wheat flour, spearmint leaves, applesauce, dry milk, and others. Mix all into a dough, roll and spread, cut into dog bone shapes, bake, and then leave to dry. Its common green color makes it a popular choice as a holiday treat.

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