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The Dog Population In These Countries Is Competing With The Human Population

While some countries see dogs as a risk to physical safety, many others see them as good companions of humans. The pet industry is always booming in these dog-loving countries due to their love for canines. It’ll amaze you to know the high population of dogs in some countries. In this article, you’ll find out the countries with the highest dog populations. Let’s go!


Japan is one of the countries that love dogs the most worldwide. It won’t be wrong to say that the Japanese prefer dogs and other pets to kids as the pet population is higher than that of kids. 

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Since they often live busy lives, the Japanese often have more dogs than kids, which saves them the stress of parenthood. In Japan, over 12 million dogs are being kept as pets. Generally, their pet industry is worth $10 million- and dogs play a major role.


In Russia, it’s not just about pet dogs; there is a high population of stray and pet dogs nationwide. Most of these strays are believed to be descendants of old Russian packs that experienced a rigid population during the Soviet.

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As the population of these stray dogs increased, the population of pet dogs also increased. These stray dogs are usually taken care of and fed by several kind-hearted citizens. There are 15 million dogs in Russia.


The dog population in China also involves both pet and stray dogs. However, the rise in dog population was quite dramatic. In the 1980s, dog ownership was seen as imitating Western lifestyles and was illegal in major Chinese cities. Well, the story changed.

Courtesy: The Spruce Pets

As dog ownership became legal, the dog population rose above the Chinese human population- even after relaxing the one-child policy. The dog population in China is 27.4 million; the nation has the third largest pet population in the world.


In terms of dog population, Brazil is the second largest country in the world. In Brazil, almost 50% of the households have a pet dog. Interestingly, different factors come together to bring about the increase in dog ownership in Brazil.

Courtesy: I Heart Brazil

The growth of a middle-class population is one main cause of the increase in the dog population in the country. Furthermore, rising life expectancy and declining fertility rates are other reasons. The population of dogs in Brazil is 35.7 million.


The United States of America has the highest dog population in the world. There are dog parks, dog grooming parlors, and dog management laws to enhance dog welfare and also protect them from being abused by humans.

Courtesy: BBC

Most American households own a dog- and many households have different dog breeds. Different dog breeds are increasingly popular in America. The dog population in the United States of America is 75.8 million.

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