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These Are 5 of the Most Popular Dog Names

After selecting a dog breed, color, and age, choosing the name is another important decision. It can be a real headache to choose a name that sounds good, resonates with the owner, suits the dog’s size, and also fits the dog’s attitude and vibe. Following the current trend of dog names can help you reach a decision faster- and that’s where this article comes in.


Max is one of the most common dog names; it has been popular for some decades now. While it’s a suitable name for male dogs, you could also name your female dog ‘Max’ for a rugged touch. 

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This name is commonly used for hunting and fighting dogs, or a smart and active pet dog. This name is also so easy to pronounce- you don’t have to bite your tongue to ward off your puppy from biting a slipper.


Lucky is another popular dog name for both male and female dogs. Although it is a versatile dog name, ‘Lucky’ is very suitable for an energetic, joyful, and good-natured dog of any breed.

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Dogs with this name often require love and attention from their owners; they don’t like human indifference, strict attitudes, or being without their owners for a long time. This talisman name is excellent for all dog sizes.


Duke is one of the most classy and popular dog names that many people love. This dog name is particularly suitable for larger breeds like Labrador Retrievers, which are known to be loyal, or smaller breeds like Yorkshire terrier.

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Dogs with the name ‘Duke’ are regarded as man’s true friend and are usually easy to command due to their intelligence. Of course, if you have a female dog, ‘Duchess’ is the equivalent of the name. 


Your pet dog is your little buddy, so it’s only appropriate to call them that. This name suits Boston terriers, Prague Ratters, Leonbergers, Shepherds, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Schipperke, and other famous dog breeds.

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Dogs named ‘Buddy’ are energetic, free-spirited, brave, and resourceful. This fun name is easy to yell out in any situation and also fun to call your dog. It works for any dog size, large or small.


Bear is a common dog name used for large dogs- more like a bear. Aside from size, dog owners might go with this name because it has an edge to it. The name implies some charisma.

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Bear is suitable for dogs with willpower who take the initiative and don’t always like being led. Bear is a great name that works for large hunting dog breeds and spaniels since they have fitting physical and behavioral qualities.

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