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These Cats Have Stolen The Spotlight In The Films They Appeared

Do you have a pet kitty at home? If so, you know how great it is to be graced by their company (even if they often could not care less about us). These fluffy felines are on a level of their own! Any cat-lover knows exactly why Ancient Egyptians used to worship them. Although we no longer build huge sphinxes and statues after them, cats still rule the world. Take movies and TV shows, for example. The second a director decides to add a cat to their film, it becomes 100% better. You don’t believe us? Check the examples below!

Goose from Captain Marvel

Cats and superheroes go hand in hand! Goose (or should we say Flerken?) stole the show with its adorable fluffiness and unexpected powers. From cuddly companion to fierce fighter, this feline ended up being the secret key to defeating the Skrulls.

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Captain Marvel would not have been the same without this green-eyed playful cat. Marvel fans and the film’s lead, Carol Danvers, can agree! And who could forget that scene-stealing moment when Goose swallows the Tesseract? This cat definitely deserves its own spin-off.

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