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Five Laws Going into Effect to Protect Animals in 2024

Inhumane treatment of animals has sadly been prevalent over the years, scarring both animals and concerned humans. This has led to an increasing advocacy for animal rights in recent years. 2024 seems to be off to a great start, though. From upgrades to existing laws to the enactment of new ones, here are five laws that will help protect animals.

California’s Proposition 12

In the latter part of December 2023, it was released that California’s 2018 ballot measure Proposition 12 would be enacted. It would set landmark prohibitions on food product sales from livestock locked in cruel confinement conditions.

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Proposition 12 prohibits the in-state production and sale of products produced via the extreme confinement of mother pigs, egg-laying chickens, and calves used for veal. Its egg and veal provisions have been enacted for years, and its pork provisions became effective in August 2023. However, California retailers were given until December 31 to sell any remaining non-compliant pork products already in the stream of commerce. 

Oregon’s Prohibition on Cosmetics

On January 1, Oregon’s prohibition on selling and using cosmetics previously tested on animals was enacted. This will protect animals who have been victims of inhumane treatment and prevent others from being subjected to stressful, painful processes. 

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Oregon has passed another law that requires its Science University to publish information on the use of primates in research on its website.

Maryland’s HB 626/SB 560

In May 2023, Wes Moore signed HB 626/SB 560 into law, making Maryland the first state to require that animal laboratories contribute to a research fund that will be used to provide grants for scientists developing non-animal research alternatives. 

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This funding shift is set to fast-track scientific discoveries by facilitating early adoption of promising non-animal alternatives such as organs-on-chips, robotics, computer models, etc. This will help mitigate and alleviate the suffering of millions of dogs, cats, monkeys, mice, and other animals currently in U.S. laboratories. Research facilities are expected to pay into the fund for the first time on January 15, 2024.

Michigan’s “Teddy’s Law”

There are two bills named after a beagle, Teddy, who was adopted after being released from a testing facility four years ago. ‘Teddy’s Law’ is set to shape the landscape of animal adoption in Michigan this year. 

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This law is scheduled to go into effect on February 13, ensuring that dogs and cats used in research facilities are allowed to be adopted after their time in research has ended.

Pennsylvania’s Dog Law

The year 2024 is also set to herald an upgrade in Pennsylvania’s Dog Law. It will require pet stores to post health and breeder information for puppies. This will ensure that the advertisement of puppies is as transparent as they come, with no questionable grey areas.

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The new law requires dogs to be licensed when they’re being bought or adopted or by the time they are three months old. It also authorizes the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement to revoke a kennel’s license or refuse a kennel license application for individuals convicted of animal cruelty. The Law is set to take effect in January.

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