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Dogs Need Sweaters, Too, Especially When They’re From a Celebrity

Kaley Cuoco is best known for her role in the popular TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Her role as Penny on the CBS hit show made her well-known in the movie industry. However, she is also known for her philanthropy toward needy animals through her dedication to pet adoption. Kaley’s most recent inspiring act included donating sweaters from her petcare brand, Oh Norman!, to needy dogs. Here’s how she’s helping dogs in shelters across the country.

In Remembrance of Norman

In a move that shows her deep love for animals, Kaley launched a pet care brand, Oh Norman!, in May 2023. She named the brand after her pitbull mix, Norman, who passed away in January 2021 at the age of 14. 

Courtesy: Instagram

This tribute also shows the significant impact of adoption on pet and their owners. Oh Norman! works to create safe and eco-friendly products to cater to the everyday challenges of pet owners. 

Making a Difference 

During the brand’s first launch, there were products such as dog bowls, liquid supplements, dog placements, and matching human and dog sweatshirts. 

Courtesy: Instagram

The company strives to make a difference in the lives of animals by donating a portion of its sales to the rescue organization.  

Reaching out to the Rescue Dogs

Over the holidays, Kaley announced the brand’s holiday gesture of donating to animal rescue organizations. While showing off an exceptionally cozy and cute sweater that featured the knit version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, she announced to Instagram she’d be donating 500 sweaters to dog shelters around the US

Courtesy: Instagram

She and the team at Oh Norman! donated 500 of their Cozy AF Holiday sweaters to organizations that cater to rescue dogs. Organizations that received the donations included the New York City Animal Care Centers, Paw Works, Deity Animal Rescue, Pupstarz Rescue, and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. 

Shelter Dogs Deserve to be Cozy, Too

Kaley listed the beneficiaries on her Instagram and thanked them for supporting Oh Norman! during the year. She also wished them an amazing holiday and new year while reminding her followers to always rescue their pets.

Courtesy: Instagram

She talked about why rescue is at the heart of Oh Norman! and that rescue is not only what they believe in as a company but also what they believe in as individuals. Afterward, she said that the company donated 500 of their Cozy AF Holiday Sweaters to rescues because shelter dogs also deserve to be Cozy AF.

Warmth in the Chilly Season 

Kaley never ceases to show how much she cares and loves shelter animals, either through her words or her actions. Her donation offered support and warmth to rescue centers during the holiday season. Kaley’s charitable act captured the hearts of millions on social media. 

Courtesy: Instagram

Kaley’s gentle gesture as the holiday season unfolds shows the power of social media in raising awareness. Several shelter animals got to feel the love and happiness that come with the holidays due to her gesture. It is a reminder that we should contribute to the well-being of animals in shelters. 

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