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Close Encounters: These Animals Can Connect and Bond With Humans

Midway into cuddling your pet, you realize you need to discuss something important. You’ve had your pets for years and have shared integral moments with them; however, you suddenly develop the urge to ask if they’ve ever loved you throughout those years, and you get silence. Duh, they are non-verbal, but here’s all you need to know about your pet’s connection with you. 


The relationship between dog and man is second to none. According to scientists, the first verifiable case of dog domestication was recorded 15,000 years ago. Over the years, the interaction has blossomed, and we have remained inseparable.  

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Although dogs cannot tell you they love you as their owner, they show they do in subtle ways. Dogs show affection by licking you; they are also touchy when they establish a bond with you. They also extend this love to the things you love, and this is why dogs love your newborns as theirs. 


Even though they often seem aloof and unbothered by our presence, cats love us the same way we love them. However, the human-cat relationship is unlike dogs, as cats view you as their servants while dogs view you as their owner. 

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Animal psychologists revealed that cats view you as their provider and may wander away to find a new family if you fail to satisfy their needs. As their loyal servant, cats will sometimes provide for you, too. This is why they hunt and bring dead rats for you. How sweet of them. 

Birds (Parrots)

The Aves species, particularly chickens, crows, and parrots, can form a strong bond with humans. But here’s the twist: birds like parrots love humans exactly as an insecure, toxic lover loves. They are needy and obsessive and desire constant love and attention.  

They also get extremely jealous and will harm themselves by ripping their wings or breaking their beaks if you try to abandon them. Since parrots are highly social animals that stick to one partner throughout their lifetime, they bond deeply with their owners. 


Horses come second to dogs on the human-animal bonding scale. They are also loyal, as some horses have been found to respond to only one rider. Horses communicate by whining and often express positive affection in a low tone or frequency.  

Courtesy: La Donaira

Horses are social beings that operate in hierarchy, just like humans do. These utilitarian animals can recognize human faces as well as understand human expression. So, gaining a horse’s trust is only possible through constant communication and interaction.  


Yes, you heard right. Cows can also connect and bond with humans if you spend enough time interacting with them positively. Cows will include you in the herd and will show affection by licking and cuddling. 

Courtesy: ABC

According to research, a 5-minute interaction with dairy calves helps to increase milk production. They are also naturally inquisitive and will stare at you if they find you interesting. These animals can also hold grudges and will memorize your face if need be. 

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