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Does Your Canine Eat Its Toys? Follow These Tips To Buy Your Dog’s Toys According To Their Personality Type

Dogs display various personalities and have specific toy preferences. The best toy for your dog is the one your dog likes best. But getting to that point does require you to assess your canine’s personality candidly. Aside from price, size, durability, and purpose, your dog’s mannerisms and habits are significant determinants in choosing their toy. Here is a rundown of five canine personalities with suggestions for toys.

Active Dogs

You may wonder if your high-energy dog has a Duracell battery inside because he is often on the go. If your dog prefers to chase, run, dash, and leap, such a dog wouldn’t enjoy playing with toys that keep them.

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The best toys for active dogs are things they can chase down and catch repeatedly. Save your throwing arm by opting for toys with varieties made for indoor and outdoor play. Your pup can ‘exercise’ themselves without feeling bored.

Shy Dogs

Maybe your dog is new to the home after being in a shelter or found homeless on the streets. These dogs may need your reassurance and may take a long time to warm up to new places, people, and toys.

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We recommend stationary toys for these dogs because the movement can be scary. Lick mats are ideal to encourage these dogs to sniff and lick. For these timid puppies, consider toys that don’t involve running around.

Sensitive Dogs

Dogs possess a superior sense of smell than we do. Humans have about 5 million olfactory receptor cells, while dogs have more than 100 million. If you dropped a potato chip in a swimming pool, your dog’s mighty nose could easily detect it.

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Additionally, sensitive dogs may pay extra attention to what they hear and see, more so than other dogs. We recommend getting them snuffle mats or stuffed toys and treat balls your canine can “find” using its nose. 

Laid Back Dogs

These dogs are super mellow and crave naps on the couch over chasing a ball in the backyard that you just tossed; laid-back dogs like minimal activity. They prefer low-key and low-energy activities that involve sitting in a fixed position.

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We suggest you consider safe chews or frozen treats that these dogs can calmly enjoy. Buying more mobile toys for a chill puppy is ineffective and almost useless. The reason is simple: they might not go near it.

Social Dogs

These canines would win popularity contests because they love interacting with their favorite people and dogs. Toys for them need to involve participation with others. They don’t mind getting other people’s attention– so, leverage on that.

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The best interactive dog toys include tug-of-war toys allowing a person to hold onto one end while the dog grabs the other. Games of fetch where these dogs can chase down toys and bring them back to you are also good choices.

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