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Get To Know Six Famous Dogs On Instagram That Are Worth Following

They snore, drool, and leave hair on the floor, but most importantly, they’re better at Instagram than you. Can you guess who we’re talking about? Here’s a hint: it isn’t your ex! Today, we’ll get into the world of Insta-famous dogs, a bunch of pets that succeed at making our days better by filling our hearts with joy with their lovely pics. We’ll introduce you to six pups you should definitely follow, especially if you’re always up for a cuteness overdose!


Sometimes, going to the pet shop and bringing home that poor dog no one wants can change your life forever. That’s the case with Maru’s owner, who became famous on social media for owning “The Smiliest Dog in Japan.”

Image courtesy of @marutaro / Instagram

Maru is a Japanese Shiba Inu with over 2.5 million followers on his Instagram account. But this dog’s popularity doesn’t end there. His adorable expression has got him the title of Japan’s tourism ambassador. Who would’ve thought that a pup could get so far?

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