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Helping Man’s Friends: These Celebrities Are Passionate About Animal Welfare

Aside from showcasing their incredible skills onscreen and on red carpets, celebrities also make a significant difference in other areas that matter. Although it’s not new for celebrities to stand up for animal protection and welfare, it’s impressive how more celebrities proudly advocate animal protection on social media and through different programs. Here are five celebrities who are big advocates for animal welfare.

Alec Baldwin

Although Alec has been in the news recently for controversial reasons and a murder trial, his contributions to animal rights get him a spot on this list; his vegan diet already showed his love for animals. The celebrity openly opposes the cruel treatment of animals on factory farms.

Courtesy: Animal Fair

Working with PETA, Alec Baldwin raised awareness about the animal exploitation common in the circus business. According to Alec, our diets can help reduce harm to our health, animals, and the earth.

Betty White

Betty White was one of the pioneers of animal rights advocacy as far as celebrities are concerned. Interestingly, her animal advocacy was initially low-key and under the radar; she once joked about her acting career being a way to fund her animal business.

Courtesy:  Petful

Well, it wasn’t just a joke. It was discovered in 2005 that the celebrity had donated about $70,000 to help penguins and otters from a New Orleans aquarium when Hurricane Katrina endangered their lives. She even started a foundation that is still helping innocent animals. She is still known as one of the most staunch supporters of animals.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is another vegan celebrity who also speaks out on animal welfare. When he’s not making award-winning blockbusters, the celebrity is campaigning for different popular animal rights groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Aside from making different animal rights documentaries, Joaquin has made two animal advocacy films, Dominion and Earthlings, in 2005 and 2019. He remains one of the most famous animal advocates in Hollywood.


Everyone knows Lizzo isn’t all about music and entertainment; she is also a strong advocate of self-love. Well, the talented singer is also an advocate for animal rights, especially after going vegan in 2020.

Courtesy:  Plant Based News

Lizzo donated her song, Good as Hell, for an appearance in a PETA video. She successfully convinced a meat-centric restaurant to incorporate a vegan menu. She also expresses her passion for animal rights and welfare on social media.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is a popular football player, and many remember him as the guy who inspired the worldwide gesture of taking a knee during the American national anthem after George Floyd’s murder. He isn’t only interested in human justice; he’s also passionate about animal protection.

He has been a vegan since 2016; he even has his vegan version of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream called Change the Whirled. A portion of the ice cream proceeds go to a campaign for the advancement of Black and Brown communities, Know Your Rights Camp.

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