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It’s So Fluffy! These Are The Furriest Animals In the World

From fluffy toys and pillows to furry pets, who doesn’t love the feel of soft, thick fur against their skin? Generally, many animals, like birds, have furs that help them stay warm and safe in their environment. However, we can’t help but notice some animals that have exceptionally fluffy, thick, and soft fur. These are five of the fluffiest (and cutest) animals in the world.

Pomeranian dogs

Belonging to the Spitz family of dogs, the Pomeranian is named after the Pomerania region in northeast Germany and northwest Poland. They are often classed as toy dogs; their small size and fluffy coat explain why.

Courtesy: Daily Paws

However, the fact that Pomeranian dogs are small doesn’t make them any less hairy. In fact, these dogs are the hairiest of small dog breeds. They have thick fur around their necks; their thick fur coats make them look like plush stuffed toys.

Baby albatrosses

Generally, albatrosses are known to be adorable animals. However, their babies are even more amazing to look at. Baby albatrosses are exceptionally fluffy; their white feathers are without spots. Their heads are about the size of a softball.

Courtesy: Reddit

Their spotless white and soft fur may be because they practically do nothing for the first five months after they are born. Their parents can fly thousands of miles to get food for them. How lucky are they?

Angora rabbits

Angora rabbits come in five breeds: the Giant Angora, German, Satin, English, and French breeds. Each of these breeds has fluffy and long coats; this soft wool covers their face and ears, except their front feet and above their noses.

Courtesy: Rural Sprout

This wooly fur is what becomes what is famously called Angora wool; the wool is gathered by shearing their soft and thick fur. These fur balls, especially the Giant Angora breed, can produce up to 5 lbs of wool per year.

Baby arctic fox

Also called polar fox or snow fox, this small fox is native to the Arctic region. The babies of these foxes, called kits or pups, have cute furs that make them look so adorable. However, their fluffy coat also has an important function.

In the winter, their white fur camouflages them in the snow. Interestingly, their soft coats turn grey or brown in the summer season, helping them blend with the landscape. Their thick fur is also cold-proof.


Have you ever heard of the term ‘Alpaca fleece’? Well, it comes from these animals. Alpacas are adorable pets that belong to the South American camelid species. They are social animals often kept as pets or cattle and bred on farms.

Courtesy: National Geographic 

They have very soft furs that look similar to sheep wool. Their soft wool is often used in making woven and knitted items. Aside from the value of their soft furs, Alpacas are also kept as pets because of their gentle and interesting behavior.

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