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Logic Behind the Sticks: Why Do Dogs Feel Good Fetching Sticks and Bringing Them Back Home?

Dogs are amazing creatures; they have many ways of impressing us with their different behaviors. Playing go fetch is the most common and exciting fun activity with your dog. You might wonder why your dog is always enthusiastic about fetching sticks of different sizes. Well, this article is about to explain why dogs love playing go fetch.

It all goes back to the beginning

Although pet dogs don’t behave like their relatives in the wild, they still share some basic attributes and behaviors. Dogs’ love for carrying sticks can be traced back to their oldest relative- the wolves.

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The instinctive urge to carry hunted prey back home to their families is a typical canine behavior. So it’s safe to say there is an instinctual side to our furry friends’ likeness for playing go fetch.

The bond is also very important

While instincts play a role in dogs’ love for fetching sticks, that’s not the only reason they like the activity. Pet dogs like spending time with their human parents, so playing go fetch is an opportunity for them to do that.

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Doggy psychologists have confirmed that dogs never get tired of playing fetch because the game motivates their brains’ reward regions. The game allows dogs to enhance their bond with their owners.

Dog breed: Some enjoy the game more than others

Although all dogs enjoy running around and fetching things, some like it more than others. The breed of your dog determines how much they like fetching sticks.

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The Labrador Retriever and other breeds that were specially bred to hunt down and retrieve things for people tend to pass on such traits to their puppies. Dogs of such breeds always love playing fetch more than others.

Different sticks for different dogs

Generally, dogs also like playing a game of fetch because the sticks probably remind them of a bone. Another interesting thing about dogs and their love for fetching sticks is their different preferences.

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Some dogs prefer light sticks that they can easily move around compared to gigantic sticks that they have to drag all the way home. Some dogs are also attracted to some types of sticks because of the way they smell.

Does this habit pose any health risks?

Playing a game of fetch helps stimulate your furry friend’s brain and body. However, there is a limit to which your dog should be allowed to have fun with sticks.

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When they start to chew on the sticks, you should take the sticks from them. This is because sticks can splinter into very tiny pieces that can be swallowed. If these pieces can’t pass through the GI tract, it can cause a life-threatening obstruction. 

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