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Pets That Impress: These Are the Most Talented Animal Acts on “America’s Got Talent”

Over 18 seasons, the stage of “America’s Got Talent” has welcomed several impressive animals that amazed the judges and the audience. These animal acts have proven that humans aren’t the only ones who can command standing ovations. In this article, we’ll look back at five super-skilled animals that have impressed the judges and audience of the talent show “America’s Got Talent”. Let’s get right into it!

Mudslinger, the pig

Different types of animals have shown their skills on “America’s Got Talent,” but only a few of them were pigs. When Mudslinger the pig got to the stage on a wagon, the judges knew an interesting act was coming.

Courtesy: NBC

Led by John Vincent, his handler, Mudslinger scored a soccer goal, got a hole-in-one, and even had the judges stand at attention as he raised the American flag. Judge Heidi Klum was so impressed that she gave Mudslinger a kiss. 

Falco, the dog

Dogs have always been man’s best friend, but the connection between Falco, the dog and trainer, Lukas, is enviable. The pair impressed Judge Simon Cowell, who called their performance the best dog act of the year. 

Courtesy: TooFab

Lukas and his dog impressively did a choreographed dance to ‘Footloose’, with Falco keeping in step with Lukas. Falco spun, jumped, and rolled adorably. Although they were eliminated in the semi-finals, they came back for “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” before Falco retired.

Jokgu, the chicken

Although there haven’t been many talented chicken performers on America’s Got Talent, this one came to represent. Jokgu the chicken displayed a patriotic skill that made everyone adore her.

Jokgu played ‘America the Beautiful’ on the piano, using her beak to peck the notes. It’s probably an understatement that the audience and the judges were wowed as she played the love song to America. Judge Mel B said it was something she hadn’t experienced before.

Bini, the bunny

Rabbits are known for so many things like hopping, procreating, and eating carrots. But not for playing basketball. Well, Bini the Bunny showed us that rabbits can do a lot more than we give them credit for. This bunny showed his basketball skills!

Courtesy: YouTube

Bini the bunny impressed everyone by dunking a tiny basketball on the stage. This bunny is also renowned for other skills, such as painting his artwork and even going bowling. We don’t doubt his owner’s ‘most talented rabbit in the world’ claim.

Olate dogs

Do you remember all the dogs that have performed on “America’s Got Talent?” Of course not. But there are some dogs we can’t forget- the Olate dogs top the list. Their variety show was a major hit.

Courtesy: Pocono Record

Their audition performance was one-of-a-kind: Led by Nicholas Olate and his dad, Richard Olate, the rescue pups spun, jumped, and did the conga line in a fast, tricky show to Puente’s ‘Machito Forever’. They won the $1 million prize in season 7.

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