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Celebrity Dog Attendance: Meet the Dog That Showed up at the Oscars in All His Glory

We’ve seen several animal actors show their acting talents in different movies and shows- we even recognize some of them because they’ve appeared in different movies. Well, you’ll agree with us that not all these celeb animals have attended award events. However, this dog wowed us all this year with its Oscar attendance! This article highlights all there is to know about the dog.

Meet Messi

The dog we’re talking about is called Messi. However, most people know him as Snoop, the canine star of director Justine Triet’s Best Picture-nominated French drama “Anatomy of a Fall.” Remember the handsome doggie now?

Courtesy: Neon

Messi is a seven-year-old border collie trained and owned by Laura Martin. The canine has become even more popular after his appearance in different awards shows; it won’t be wrong to call Messi the film’s mascot. 

At the Oscar Awards

If you’re familiar with the Oscar award events, you’ll agree with us that Messi wasn’t the first animal to attend the event. Well, that takes us to the question you’re probably asking now, ‘What’s special about Messi’s appearance this year?’

Courtesy: Mirror/Twitter

The interesting thing about Messi’s Oscar attendance this Sunday was that the canine behaved so well that he got his seat at the show. He looked all cute as he sat on his chair inside the Dolby Theatre and awaited the event’s start.

The surprising factor

Interestingly, the fact that Messi got his own chair at the Oscar awards show wasn’t the only reason his attendance was a big deal. It was the fact that people weren’t expecting the canine to show up. Did you ask why?


Different reports were spread over the weekend, saying that the celebrity canine would not be attending the event after coming out for different key awards season events. Apparently, the reports were false.

Doesn’t he deserve the spotlight?

Snoop, Messi’s character in “Anatomy of a Fall,” had to go through a series of training to be able to master his role. According to his trainer, Messi had to train for two months for a particularly challenging scene. 


It’s the scene where Snoop had to keel over after being poisoned; it took a lot of work for the dog to lay down and make his head immobile, then let it fall back after lifting it. Well, do we need other details to say Messi deserves all the accolades?

A sweetheart- on and off-camera

In the TV show, Messi played the role of a good-natured canine- and that’s how he stole our hearts. However, the amazing thing is that the dog isn’t just cool while acting; he has proven to be an adorable furry friend in real life. How do we know?

Courtesy: Astrid H/Twitter

When the dog met Billie Eilish at the awards ceremony, he connected with the singer, and they hugged and played for close to ten minutes. Well, it wasn’t just Billie. Messi also went to Bradley Cooper, who bumped into him in the hallway, and they had a vibe.

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