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Yay or Nay? Viral Dog Groomer Turns Dogs Into Wild Animals

Celebrities like Emma Watson and Mel B prefer to dye their dogs’ fur, but before trying this strange trend, we researched whether it was safe for our furry friend. Ingredients in human-grade dye have been well-documented to cause allergic reactions, chemical burns, skin disease, and cancer. Gabriel Feitosa, a dog groomer, transforms pets into zoo animals, and his creations are going viral. Instead of a simple cut, he uses a non-toxic and vegan dye designed for dogs to turn his client’s pets into zoo animals. Let’s see them!

An endearing tiger

Allow us to introduce you to Gabriel Feitosa, one of the internet’s most popular dog grooming artists. Gabriel has amassed hundreds of thousands to millions of views on his transformation videos, which add a twist to the traditional wash and style grooming routine.

Photo: TikTok

Tigers first appeared around two million years ago, but thanks to humans, they are now endangered. This San Diego-based professional transformed this darling pup into the most endearing tiger we have ever seen. It is definitely a rare species.

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