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The Not-So-Simple Life of Paris Hilton’s Many Pets

When it comes to luxury A-list celebrities, Paris Hilton claims the top spot as one of the most popular Hollywood icons. She is known for her glamorous lifestyle, Juicy sweatsuits, and of course, numerous pets. From her tiny chihuahua to her $13,000 teacup Pomeranian, here are interesting details about the lavish lifestyle of Paris Hilton’s pets. 

How Many Dogs Does She Have?

You would assume Paris would keep one or two pets to herself like every other American celebrity. Surprisingly, though, she has over 20 dogs, but no one knows the actual number as there seems to be no end in sight. 

Courtesy: News24

Paris currently has 24 pets, consisting of many dogs and cats, as well as a rabbit, pony, monkey, bird, and opossum. Prince Hilton, the Pomeranian dog, and Diamond Baby, the teacup chihuahua, are some of her famous pets on the internet.  

Where Do Her Puppies Live?

Paris Hilton spent $325,000 to ensure her fur babies lived in luxury. In a social media post, Paris shared her two-story designer dog house. The house is surrounded by a black fence, with dog-sized windows and a beautiful balcony. 

Courtesy: Guests of a Guest 

The interior is designed with bubblegum pink walls, and the staircase leads to an open rooftop. It also has an extravagant chandelier and holds soft, cozy dog beds. The best part is the doghouse is built with air conditioning and heating.

What Do Her Puppies Eat?

Her puppies are placed on a strict diet of clean, safe dog foods. She spends thousands of dollars on dietitians to ensure her pets eat well. However, she made a shocking revelation in a recent interview about her pets’ diet. 

Courtesy: Pedestrian TV

Paris confessed that although she spends a lot on good dog meals, her pets hate dog food but love UberEats. To satisfy her pets, she buys fast food for them. Luckily, many stores in LA make dog-friendly steaks and hamburgers. 

How Does She Care for Her Puppies?

When it comes to her pets, Paris goes all out for them. From designer harnesses to luxury dog cosmetics, she ensures they are properly cared for, and their regular Instagram posts verify their lavish lifestyle.  

Courtesy: Star Style 

Since it is impossible to handle each of her 24 pets solely, they are handled professionally. These professionals bathe, feed, train, and handle the daily activities of their pets. Trusted family members also handle some of her pets, while the rest stay within her million-dollar mansion.

You Wouldn’t Believe What She Did When Her Dog Went Missing

On September 14, 2022, Paris’s favorite dog, Diamond Baby the Chihuahua, went missing. In a drastic effort to find her pet, Paris offered a reward of $10,000 for anybody who had valuable information that could help her locate her pet. 

Courtesy: Fox News

In addition to the reward, she hired six dog psychics, also called dog whisperers, to help locate Diamond Baby. Unfortunately, reports from investigations revealed that Diamond Baby fell into the cold hands of death, and the murderer is none other than a hungry coyote. 

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