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Want to Enjoy a Drink and Get Wild? Here Are the Best Animal Cafés to Spend Time With Adorable Furry Friends

Who doesn’t fancy the idea of eating and drinking coffee while playing with a furry friend? Just two decades ago, this would have been a mere fantasy- except you’re doing it in your home. However, starting from Asia and spreading to different countries worldwide, there are several animal cafés where you can spend time with animals or even plan a gathering for your pet. We’ll highlight five of them in this article. Let’s get right into it!


Located in Tokyo, Japan, the name of this animal café is an acronym for ‘Rabbit and Grow Fat.’ With a name like that, you already know the type of animals you’ll be spending time with at this café- cute rabbits!

Courtesy: Trip Advisor

At this three-table café, customers can pet, feed, and play with almost 20 different bunny breeds. If you decide to adopt one of your own after playing with these bunnies, there is a breeding center attached to the café where you can adopt from.

The Dog Café

Located in Los Angeles, California, and opened in 2017, this is the first dog café in the States. There are many rescue dogs for you to pet and spend time with at this café. But that’s not all!

Courtesy: The Dog Cafe/Instagram

All the rescue dogs at the café are up for adoption. This means that, aside from playing with these adorable dogs, you can adopt any of them if the idea seems good. Your next canine friend might just be waiting for you there.

Chiku Chiku Café

If you are tired of seeing regular cats and dogs and want a different experience, this café might be your best option. Located in Tokyo, this animal café is a unique zone with playful hedgehogs.

Courtesy: Chiku Chiku Café

You can relax and make friends with a bunch of these fun-loving critters. In their dollhouse rooms, these hedgehogs offer you nothing but comfort and, of course, fun. Who cares if some people call it nerdy?

Cat Town Café

Located in Oakland, California, this cat café is one of the best. Cat Town café is a non-profit café that prioritizes finding new homes for less privileged cats- and they’ve housed over 600 felines and still counting.

Courtesy: Cat Town Café/Instagram

However, their focus on cat adoption doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh bagels and local coffee. The coffee shop combines amazing delicacies with adorable felines. As you enjoy your delicacy, you might find a sweet kitty to adopt. 

The Sakuragaoka Café

Located in Tokyo, this café offers amazing meals alongside interesting animal activities. Well, speaking of animals, we’re talking about goats this time. So, if you love having an exciting time with goats, this is the place for you!

Courtesy: Animal

The two resident goats at the café, Chocolat and Sakura, are always up for playing around and taking selfies. You can even feed them if you want. All you have to do is ask the staff members for their treats.

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