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Cats May Be Adorable, But They Never Hesitate To Say “No” To Hugs

When you own a cat, it’s hard to resist the urge to give them a lovey-dovey cuddle once you return home from the office. Does your feline friend feel like receiving that type of demonstration of love, though? That’s the real question! Although cats are adorable creatures, they’re moody and often prefer to be left alone. Today, we’ll show you some pictures of felines and their hilarious reactions to their annoying owners invading their personal space. Scroll down if you’re ready for a hell of a chuckle ride!

Stay away, despicable human!

Even when you’re craving a lovely cuddling session with your fluffy cat, you always have to pay attention to their body language. If your feline friend gives you a grumpy, not-so-interested look, it doesn’t want you to come close!

Image courtesy of u/KWG89 / Reddit

“I’m telling you, don’t kiss me, or you’ll regret it!” That’s what this little creature’s expression is saying. No one can deny that this grumpy cat isn’t in the mood to socialize. Why can’t its fur mom see that?

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