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From Dogs To Black Cats, Here Are Animals That Are Superstitiously Believed To Be Evil

There are countless superstitions that people believe in, depending on their level of exposure and where they live; many of us still find an innocent owl’s hoot eerie on Friday the 13th. While some superstitions are about good luck, others are about evil. Sadly, many animal superstitions have painted some animals as bad guys, whereas they are just regular beings like us. Here are five superstitions about animals.


Owls are known to live around humans or in forests. They hunt rodents and as a result, lower the spread of deadly diseases. However, that’s not how folklore and common myths see these animals. Many see them as bad luck.

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Some myths hold that owls serve as messengers of the dead. Even worse, some see them as animals with spiritual powers and abilities. These people often poach them to use their talons, meat, skulls, bones, blood, and feathers in black magic.


Wolves are predators that help us protect soil and grasslands by limiting elk and deer populations. Although these smart animals are associated with loyalty and courage in some cultures, like the Native American Culture, others see them as evil creatures.

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Of course, you must have heard the term ‘big bad wolf’ before. Some fairytales describe wolves as notorious villains. Unfortunately, this means wolves are endangered animals in some areas. There was a time when American red wolves were almost extinct.

Black cats

Even if you’re not a fan of the color Black, you’ll agree that black cats are uniquely beautiful. While we can’t deny that the way their eyes shine in the dark can come off as creepy, it’s never a reason to villainize these creatures.

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Going back to the medieval times, animals with Black fur were thought to symbolize death. Until today, many believe that a black cat laying on the bed of a sick person means they’ll die. There are also superstitions that a Black cat crossing your path is bad luck.


Of course, snakes are not the most common pets people keep. Many snakes are wild and dangerous to humans because of their venomous bites, while others are shy and harmless. However, some superstitions see them as evil animals- and it has nothing to do with their bites.

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In some cultures, snakes are seen as incarnations of the Devil or Satan. In some places like India, snake charmers remove cobras’ venom glands on certain festivals to make them less harmful to exhibit to the crowd- many of these snakes languish in pain till they die.


Dogs are known to be man’s best friends. Aside from being loyal and intelligent, dogs are kept pets because they are easy to care for and play with. However, some cultures see some dogs’ actions as evil, making them unadoptable in some places.

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You’ve probably heard it before that dogs can see ghosts. There are also other superstitions, like the belief that two friends will fight if a dog passes between them. Similarly, if a dog passes between a couple, some believe it’s a sure divorce.

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