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Ever Wondered Why Your Cat Sneaks Under Your Bed? Discover Why Cats Hide

Cats have many adorable features, from their witty personalities to how they sashay around the house. Well, hiding has to be one of these creatures’ common habits; they seem to know all the corners you didn’t even know existed. There are many reasons why your cat hides in different corners of the house, and here are five of them! No more playing hide-and-seek with these insights.

It’s a primitive instinct

Have you seen an animal documentary video where a cat pounces on another from inside a box? Cats are natural predators, and hiding in corners allows them to exercise their predatory nature.

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For cats, ambushing their prey is as natural as breathing; the thrill they feel when they suddenly appear from a hidden spot is instinctive for them. Hiding around corners is a cat’s thing. 

You might be becoming a grandparent soon

Your cat might be hiding under your desk or any other corner because it is pregnant. If your cat has been around your neighbor’s cat and hasn’t been spayed, you might soon become a grandparent.

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It’s natural for cats to look around different corners for a safe and warm space for an expected litter of kittens. Your cat might also be looking for a safe place to labor, which is most likely inside your closet or any other warm place.

Some tiny threats may be responsible

Your vet has already told you that fleas are parasites that should never be around your cat. While you might not easily spot the tiny parasites, your cat might have found them and will try to avoid them. 

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To run away from fleas, cats tend to start hiding on elevated surfaces like the top of your closet, shelf, or fridge. If your cat is hiding on elevated surfaces, you should check underneath their bed for fleas.

They are naturally suspicious

Although any new pet would be shy and pretty uncomfortable in their new home, cats are more stressed in new environments than other animals. They tend to be suspicious of everything in their new home.

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This explains why they prefer to hide in boxes since they have only one opening; it assures them that nothing can sneak up on them. To make your new cat comfortable, put all essentials in their room and leave the door open so they can explore when they feel comfortable enough.

Fear and stress might be the culprits

If there is more than one pet in your house, one will surely assume the dominant position. When your cat gets bullied by another pet (which may also be a cat), hiding is one way for them to run away from such a negative experience.

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Your cat might also go into hiding when they feel stressed by a medical illness, your new roommate, new furniture, or babies. Luring your cat out with treats or toys might make them come out. However, if your cat suddenly starts to hide and doesn’t come out for a long time, you should take it to the vet.

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