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Employees Of The Month: These Talented Dogs Have Their Own Jobs

Dogs are men’s best friends, but they can do much more than be part of our families. Although it might sound like something out of a movie, some of them have jobs. And no, we are not talking about shooting hoops like in Air Bud. These good boys and girls are actually quite important in their fields! These days, almost any dog can work these jobs as long as they go through the proper training. Here are some of the most popular dog jobs!


It is not weird to picture a dog in the police force. After all, there are dozens of movies about that. An example is Top Dog, starring Chuck Norris and an adorable Briard named Reno.

Police dog with officer
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The first K-9 units were created in the 40s, but do you know why police dogs are called K-9s? The term was created as a clever simplification of the English word “canine,” which is just a synonym for “dog.”

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