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You’ll Never Want to Go Out in Nature After Learning These Facts About Scary Animals 

Animals can be classified into two groups: wild and domestic. This classification plays a major role in how we relate to them. But, irrespective of where they fall under this classification, some animals possess scary sides unknown to most of us. These are five of them and the scary things about them.

You’ll stay clear of snakes after learning about this

Naturally, snakes and humans aren’t friends. This reptile family has different species, each having something scary and unique about it. While snakes are known to move on tree branches and the ground, this species can do more than that!

Courtesy: The Snake Guide/NS

Imagine something flying towards you, only to discover it’s a snake. These creatures can fly, even over long distances. Although they don’t possess wings, they can glide quite smoothly in the air. They do this by shaping their bodies in a way that holds air and then using this trapped air to propel themselves. 

Touching Golden Poison Frogs can result in death

Frogs are commonly sighted, but some can be very dangerous. The Golden Poison frog is an attractive species found in Colombia. Just like other frog species, it feeds on insects and other arthropods.

The Golden Poison Frog possesses a deadly toxin in its skin. This poison renders the muscles and nerves of victims inactive and is powerful enough to kill about 20 humans if it enters their bloodstream. It produces poison on its skin when it feels threatened. A touch can indeed kill!

These bats can get their food from your body

Almost everything about this animal seems dreadful. Vampire bats are of the subfamily of bats known as Desmodontinae. Bats feed on fruits, but vampire bats are an exception.

Courtesy: BBC

Vampire bats feed on blood. Some species feed on the blood of birds, while some feed on the blood of any mammal, including humans! They use their sharp teeth to tear a warm part of the skin and then suck the blood. 

A frightening jellyfish species

There are lots of amazing and mind-blowing facts about jellyfish. But the Australian Box Jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri) is more frightening than intriguing. Jellyfish commonly sting humans, and this sting mostly causes pain that stops after a while. But the species Chironex fleckeri is different.

Courtesy: World Atlas

Their sting results in intense pain and can lead to cardiac arrest and even death in victims. They possess very long tentacles covered with stinging cells that sting victims and release the poison into them.

Blood squirting lizards exist

Another scary animal is the horned lizard. They are found mostly in the United States and have about 21 species. Horned lizards are known for their toad-like bodies, horns in their heads, ability to camouflage, and sluggish movement.

Courtesy: Wikipedia/Reddit 

When threatened, they puff up their bodies to make them look bigger and run fast over short distances. But some species can squirt blood up to 5 feet from their eyes. They do this by restricting blood flow in their heads, leading to increased blood pressure that breaks small blood vessels in their eyes.

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