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Tourism Laced With Danger: Countries With The Most Shark Sightings In The World

The world’s oceans harbor a diverse array of marine life, with sharks existing as both mesmerizing and feared creatures. In certain regions, shark sightings and attacks have surged, sparking curiosity about these predators and their chosen habitats. We’ll explore five nations renowned for their prolific shark populations and delve into the incidence of attacks in each locale.


Australia has a reputation for frequent shark sightings. Due to its marine ecosystem, Australia doesn’t only attract adventurers but also entices multiple shark species. Encounters are relatively frequent, with a total of 682 shark attacks and 155 fatalities since 1580.

Courtesy: The Times

Being one of the most shark-infested countries in the world and hosting over 180 shark species, despite the considerable number of visitors, attacks have remained infrequent by effective management, resulting in a lower attack count.

South Africa

The shores of South Africa combine striking beauty with an undercurrent of danger. The nation is renowned for its high number of great white sharks. The waters around Seal Island have gained notoriety for cage diving, providing daring souls with close encounters. 

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The unique geography, seal colonies, and their prey draw great white sharks closer to shore. The nation had 258 total attacks, with 55 total fatal attacks, leading to about 94 deaths in Africa.

United States

Florida has inviting beaches and temperate waters. However, it also houses a significant population of sharks, particularly along its eastern coast. In the United States, Florida is one of the states with the most shark sightings and attacks.

Courtesy: Newsweek

The high frequency of shark sightings in the state is due to its position as a migratory route and a habitat rich in marine life. The state is home to diverse shark species, with 896 total shark attacks. It has recorded 11 fatal attacks, with the last fatality in 2014.


Brazil’s tropical waters have earned a reputation for encounters with tiger sharks. There are signs on the beach to ward off innocent swimmers. The combination of warm currents and prey availability make these waters inviting to tiger sharks.

Courtesy: LatestLY

Brazil has recorded 110 total attacks; 24 of these attacks were fatal. The last fatal shark attack occurred in 2021. Concerted efforts involving shark monitoring and safety measures have contributed to keeping the attack count in check.

Reunion Island

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island’s cobalt waters aren’t as safe as it looks. While the Island boasts exquisite landscapes that beckon surfers and sun-seekers, several shark attacks have surged in recent years, with 27 fatal attacks and 56 total attacks recorded as of late 2018.

Courtesy: Atlantik Surf

The shifts in fishing practices and alterations in the local marine ecosystem are responsible for these frequent shark sightings. Authorities actively seek solutions to balance the island’s natural charm with safety. Until then, it’s not an island you should visit.

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