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The World’s Cutest Baby Animals Will Make Anyone Smile

Most baby animals are adorable in their own right, but there are a few infant creatures that can take your breath away with their cuteness. These beautiful, friendly, and innocent young animals can melt even the iciest hearts with one look. Here are five of the cutest baby animals in the world.

Baby Dolphins

The ocean is filled with monstrous-looking creatures that can scare the living day out of you, but there are rare beauties in coastal areas, like beautiful baby dolphins. Dolphins are of the same species as whales, Cetacea.

Courtesy: Dolphins And You

At birth, a dolphin is about 35 to 53 inches but can grow over 30 feet long depending on its type. What makes these babies so cute and fascinating is that they learn to swim before birth and can’t breathe underwater. 

Baby Rabbits

Adult rabbits are already classified as cute, but at birth, they are even cuter. Rabbits are found in forests, grasslands, and woods. There are many species of rabbits with different sizes and colors, but they all have cute babies. 

Courtesy: Pinterest

These baby rabbits are usually about 2 inches long at birth but grow over nine inches long as they age. A funny fact about these small creatures is that their eyes and ears are usually completely shut for a few days after birth and they are born without fur. 

Baby Ocelots

Baby Ocelots are wild cats with beautiful patterns on their skin. They are commonly found in South American countries (except Chile) and the United States. They can survive in different environments. They are of a species of cat known as Leopardus Pardalis

Courtesy: Pinterest

Baby ocelots can grow up to 29 to 30 inches in length, but the females are a bit smaller. These cats are also born with their eyes and ears shut until a few days after birth. Ocelot eyesight is said to be six times better than that of humans. 

Red Baby Panda

All pandas are beautiful, but this red baby panda is superior in cuteness compared to the rest. They look more like cats and raccoons than typical pandas. They are commonly found in temperate regions like the Himalayas and other high mountains.

Courtesy: Pinterest

The baby red panda can grow to about 24 inches in length and about 8 to 17 pounds in weight and have a tail about 14 to 18 inches in length. They feed mainly on bamboo. They look more like big furry cats or bears as they age. 

Baby Cheetah

The cheetah is known to be the fastest land animal on earth, but this young cheetah doesn’t look as ferocious. They are found popularly in parts of Africa and the central part of Iran.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Baby cheetahs grow to be about 44 to 56 inches in body length and a tail of about 26 to 33 inches. They can grow to weigh about 75 to 140 pounds. Like most cats, the males are bigger than the females. Interestingly, they have over 2500 spots unique to a particular animal on their skin.

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