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Doggy Dental Hygiene 101: How to Properly and Comfortably Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

One of the most popular pet choices is the dog. Dogs, which evolved from the family of wolves, have gone through a series of evolutions to become man’s best friends. So, It’s not uncommon for us to take care of these loyal friends. But we must admit that one of the hardest things to do for a dog is brushing their teeth. Here are steps to make that easier.

First, your dog should feel comfy

To succeed in cleaning your dog’s teeth, the priority should be comfort. Ensure your dog is comfortable with you touching and handling their jaw area. This will make it easier for you to hold and brush their teeth. 

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A few tips that can make them comfortable with you handling their jaws include touching their mouth area regularly and offering them treats as you move your hands around the mouth area, as you would when brushing.

Let them inspect the toothbrush and paste

Before you start brushing the dog’s teeth, it’s advisable to show and allow your dog to see, examine, and even play with the toothbrush to be used. Adding paste will also make things look more fascinating to the dog. 

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This will help prevent the dog from seeing the toothbrush or paste as any form of threat to it. As a result, the dog will yield to you trying to get the brush inside the mouth, saving you from battling to wash the teeth. 

It’s time to brush!

After ensuring comfort and also getting the dog used to the sight of the toothbrush and paste, the next step is to try to brush the dog’s teeth. This should be easy as the dog is used to your handling. 

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You should start from the front teeth and wash in a circular motion, moving from tooth to tooth. This process is easy but could be tasking as you move to the corner teeth. The brushing should not take more than two minutes. 

Introduce rewards and be consistent

Giving your dog special treats while brushing would help make the dog enjoy the brushing process, as it will make the dog associate brushing teeth with fun and enjoyment. If properly done, your dog will always be eager to have its teeth cleaned.

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Also, you should ensure you are consistent. Teaching and ensuring brushing the teeth for some time and then stopping it for a long time can make the dog forget about it— you’ll have no other choice but to start the entire process again. 

Don’t leave any ‘corners’ out 

When brushing for dogs, it is not uncommon to brush only the sets of teeth at the front and neglect the teeth in the corners of the mouth. This is mainly due to the front teeth being easy to reach and wash without any stress or hassle.

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This is wrong and should be avoided, as neglect of the teeth in the hidden areas can cause the buildup of plaque and tartar, leading to the dog developing tooth conditions like periodontal illness and fracture of the teeth.

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