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Most People Don’t Know That These Animals Are Venomous

Venomous animals come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, the mosquitoes that drive you crazy in the summer are technically venomous, and so are the red ants that left a trail of red bumps on your arm that one time you went camping when you were 10. When most people think “venomous,” they usually imagine a spider or a snake. In reality, even mammals can secrete toxic substances and use them as a defense mechanism. We have compiled a list of creatures you never expected could produce poison, and some of them can be quite deadly!

The Funnel Web Spider

Contrary to what many people believe, most spiders are not venomous. Worldwide, there are fewer than three deaths from spider bites per year, which means that even the deadly ones are not so dangerous. Unless you live in Australia, that is.

Photo: Getty Images

The country is home to some wild specimens, including the deadliest spider species. It’s called the funnel web spider because its webs look like tunnels with wider openings and narrower backs. They are fast, and their venom is very dangerous to humans.

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