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From Rhinos to Amur Leopards, These Animals Are at the Verge of Extinction

The Earth is blessed with different animals of diverse species. Animals have undergone a series of evolutions to become what we know today. But sadly, some animal species have gone extinct due to human factors like hunting and climate change. And unless special caution is taken, more animal species will soon become extinct. Here are five critically endangered animals. 

Mountain Gorillas

There are two major species of Gorillas (Western and Eastern). Mountain gorillas fall under one of these species known as Eastern Gorillas. Mountain gorillas are found in isolated forests of high altitude in countries like Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo. 

These gorilla subspecies are at a high risk of extinction due to natural factors like diseases and also human-caused factors like hunting and habitat loss. Presently, only about a thousand or fewer mountain gorillas are left in the wild. 


Not every species of rhinoceros is endangered, but species like the black rhinos, northern white rhinos, and Javan rhinos are currently endangered animals. Rhinos are found in parts of Africa and also Asia.

Courtesy: VOA News

Rhino parts, especially the horns, are usually traded illegally, making hunting the biggest threat to their existence. Other factors endangering rhinos are climate change and habitat loss. There are only about 70 or fewer Javan rhinos and a few thousand black rhinos left in the wild. Meanwhile, the Northern white is thought to be almost extinct, with below five left.  

North Atlantic Right Whale

This majestic sea creature is also at risk of extinction. They are one of the largest whale species. They can grow up to 49 feet in length. They are found along the Atlantic coasts in North America (Canada and the United States).

Courtesy: Animal Spot

The North Atlantic Right Whales are endangered by many factors, most of which are caused by human activities like ocean pollution, fishing gear entanglements, and vessel collisions or strikes. Currently, there are only about 340 North Atlantic whales in the ocean. 

African Forest Elephant

These huge, magnificent animals are also one of the world’s endangered species. They are one of the major species of elephants and are found in dense tropical forests in Central and West African nations like Gabon and the Republic of Congo. 

The African Forest Elephants are at risk of extinction mainly due to poaching, climate change, habitat loss, slow reproduction rate, and the illegal trade of their parts. The exact number of African Forest Elephants left in the wild is hard to determine due to their shy nature, but they are known to be decreasing. 

Amur Leopard

The Amur leopard is a subspecies of leopard. They are one of the rarest big cats in the world. They are found in leopard-protected areas in Russia but are native to mountainous and forest regions in northern parts of China and East Russia.

These big cats are at a very high risk of extinction due to dangerous activities like poaching and habitat destruction, mainly by bush burning and inbreeding. Presently, only about 100 Amur leopards exist, making them one of the most endangered big cats. 

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