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Five Reasons That Prove Why Snakes Are Fantastic Creatures

There are over 3,000 snake species on the planet – except for in Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland, and New Zealand. And only about 200 (7%) of the 600 venomous species can kill or severely injure a human. Although most snakes are harmless, attempting to move or kill a venomous one increases your chances of being bitten, as almost any animal will defend itself when threatened. Despite being ferocious, they have beautiful qualities. Here are five reasons why we believe snakes are amazing animals worthy of our protection.

They are “solar-powered” 

Did you know that snakes are “solar-powered,” meaning that they are entirely dependent on external heat or light sources? Reptiles are sometimes labeled as “cold-blooded,” but this is incorrect because their blood is not cold. The correct term is ectothermic.

Photo: World Animal Protection

This means that their body temperature is variable and controlled by external factors. Reptiles, unlike mammals and birds, cannot regulate their body temperature internally and must rely on heat sources such as the sun to warm up.

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