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It’s Howl-o-ween! Which Of These Costumes Would Your Furry Friend Rock?

We all love to binge on witch movies and hang decorations during Halloween. But the real icing on the cake when discussing Halloween is the variety of costumes. You shouldn’t forget your doggy while planning a killer and creative Halloween look. There is no better way to show love to your pet than dressing it up and taking pictures. These five costume ideas will spook trick-or-treaters and make your dog wag its tail.

Transform your dog into a happy cow

Dressing your dog like a fictional human character is cute, but dressing them like other animals is even more adorable and hilarious. Which animal do you think your pup will look good as?

Courtesy: Pinterest

Why not turn your dog into a cow? We love this costume- the headpiece is all shades of fashionable. The costume also has udders, so you can be sure that everyone will have a good laugh at the cow-dog combo.


There is something genius about dressing up your dog in an unpredictable way. Your friends have to cast a long look at your dog to understand the significance of the costume. It gives you a chance to show off your costume expertise and eye for pop culture.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Dress your canine up as a Bantha. In case you were wondering, Banthas are the horned creatures ridden by the Tusken Raiders in Star Wars. Whether or not you’ve seen the movie, all you need to nail the look is a doggy Bantha costume.

Harry Potter

One common Halloween costume is Harry Potter. Many people have even worn the wizard costume year after year because they are such big fans. Well, you can dress your furry friend up in this costume this year- they’ll thank you for it.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Dogs are believed to have some super abilities, so for Halloween, just pretend your dog’s super ability is being a wizard. Drape a cloak over your pup and have them pose with a magic wand or broom. If you have more than one dog, make it a couple’s costume as Harry and Ron.

Teddy Bear

Why do you love your dog? We’re sure one of the biggest reasons is that they are so fuzzy and cuddly. There are only a few things that beat the feeling of wrapping your arms around your cuddly pup.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Well, with this costume, your dog couldn’t be more cuddly. This Halloween costume idea is about adding more ‘fuzz’ to your already fuzzy dog’s body. There is practically no better costume to get your furry friend in character.


Dogs deserve some recognition for their loyalty and smartness, so how about making your dog a superhero for a day? The idea of dressing your dog in a hero’s costume might seem far-fetched until you see this costume.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Nobody needs to look twice before recognizing that big ‘S.’ While your dog may be unable to dress in the full Superman regalia, this costume will do. With the red cape and the big ‘S’ graphics, your dog doesn’t need anything else!

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