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Presidential Puppies: Here Are the Pets Of The White House Throughout The Years

Although it might seem like the White House is very different from our homes, you might be surprised at how similar it can be. Did you know that the president has their own pets? They are called First Pets Of The United States, or FPOTUS for short! Throughout the years, each family that stayed at the White House has had their own presidential pets. But some are less traditional than others. Join us on this journey to discover the most iconic animals that lived at the White House!

The Coolidges’ zoo

President Calvin Coolidge once said, “Any man who does not like dogs and wants them about does not deserve to be in the White House.” But not only did the 30th president and his wife love all animals, they also had a lot of them at the White House.

Image courtesy of Presidential Pet Museum

They named one of their dogs Bob Roy after a popular drink (during prohibition), and also had several cats, canaries, a goose, and a donkey. The Coolidges also received two lion cubs as gifts from mandataries and named them Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau.

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