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When An Artist’s Pet Also Serves As Their Muse: Famous Artworks Featuring Animals

Nowadays, millions of people around the globe share photos and videos of their pets on social media. According to a OnePoll survey, one in every four people in the United States has a social media account for their pets. However, the tradition of creating and sharing such images in painting and sculpture dates back about 300 years. But have you ever wondered what the most well-known pet-themed works of art are? Keep reading to find out!

“Le Chat Noir” by Théophile Steinlen

Surely, most college art students hung this poster in their dorm rooms at some point. Although Théophile Steinlen’s “Le Chat Noir” is not exactly traditional art, this iconic poster deserves a spot on this list.

Photo: Wikipedia

“Le Chat Noir,” which translates to “Black Cat,” was thought to be the first modern cabaret. This poster was created in 1896 to encourage people to visit this Parisian nightclub, which is located in the bohemian Montmartre neighborhood.

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