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Have You Met Honky And Tonky? These Celebrity’s Pets’ Names Are Funny And Adorable

Just like every one of us, celebrities also adopt animals and buy pets. While some give their pets typical names, others go the other way and name their pets creatively unique or random names. These pet names might inspire you to create a unique name for your next pet. This article is dedicated to those celebrity pet names that are downright adorable.

Chewy and Bagpipes

You may be amazed that Jennifer Coolidge’s appearance in the mockumentary “Best in Show” wasn’t just for show. She’s a huge animal advocate and rescued her most recent pup, Chewy, from a meat factory in Korea. 

Courtesy: Celebrity Pets

Chewy and her other pup, Bagpipes, recently made an appearance at the Golden Globes to support their mom, where she won Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or TV Movie. Isn’t that a united family?

Oliver and Pepe

Rihanna gave her babies nontraditional names (RZA and Riot Rose), but they’re not the first family members of hers to have obscure monikers. Her pet dogs also have unconventional names.

Courtesy: Heart Radio

Rihanna actually found her Pomeranian, Pepe, in the bathroom at 1OAK in West Hollywood. You could say it was fate that the two met there, and we’re happy that Pepe has a forever home in Ri-Ri. She also has a Maltipoo Oliver, whom she nicknamed DJ Oliver.

Honky, Tonky, Minnie Pearl, Major, Lou, and Hank

Reese Witherspoon is no stranger to pets. She’s got a house full of different animals. The animal population at her residence is probably competing with the human population.

Courtesy: People

Four dogs named Minnie Pearl, Major, Lou, and Hank regularly appear on her Instagram. And at one point, she also had two mini donkeys (also called donks) named Honky and Tonky. Is it just us, or it’s giving Nashville vibes?

Mamma Mia, Pula, and Guy

Pets have become a part of their parents’ lives, which is why they deserve special names, and this pooch would probably top the list. Named Guy, this adorable pooch is owned by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Could pet names get more unique?

Courtesy: People

According to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix documentary, Guy helped Prince Harry secretly propose to Meghan while they were on a trip to Africa before the official engagement. They also have two other pooches named Pula and Mama Mia.

Kelly Cluckson, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fowlon, and Birdie

Jennifer Garner’s choice of pets isn’t the only unconventional thing. Even their names aren’t regular. We particularly find it funny that her pet, which she named Birdie, isn’t a bird- it’s a pup.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

Garner also has chickens, fish, and a cat. Plus, the newest chickens to land in the coop are named Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Cluckson, and Jimmy Fowlon. Who names their pets after other celebrities? OG’s like Jennifer does!

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