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Planning to Go on a Vacay With Your Animal Friend? These Resorts Are the Best Places to Go!

Whether we admit it or not, pets have become integral parts of human life. They live with us, go on outings with us, and can even be described as members of our families due to the strong bonds we share with them. This bond makes it difficult for us to leave them behind when traveling, so in this article, we’ve put together five pet-friendly resorts that you can visit with your pets for an enjoyable vacation.

Belmond Reid’s Palace

The Belmond Reid’s Palace is a top-rated resort located in Madeira, Portugal. It has different facilities and amenities like clifftop settings, seafront spas and swimming pools, fitness centers, and more to ensure the best stay. It’s also a pet-friendly hotel, making it a perfect fit for you and your pet. 


At Belmond Reid’s Palace, your pet is in for an unforgettable treat, and this is available for a minimum price. A bed, drinking bowl, and excellent chef-prepared meals three times a day are provided for your pet. Making the holiday enjoyable for your pet just as you. 

The Langham

Sydney is one of the most popular holiday locations, and The Langham, in Sydney, Australia, is a nice place to lodge with your pets. It’s close to top bars, restaurants, and Sydney harbor. They possess different dining options and respectful service. 


The Langham, Sydney, is one of the very few pet-friendly resorts in Sydney. As long as your pet is under 20 pounds in weight, it’s eligible for pampering at a low cost. There are a lot of activities and treats specially tailored for your pet available at The Langham, Sydney. 

Las Ventanas al Paraiso

Who doesn’t enjoy a holiday in the Caribbean? Las Ventanas al Paraiso, located in Los Cabos, Mexico, is a great place to stay with your pets. The hotel is about 20 minutes from San José del Cabo International Airport. It’s popular for its butler services, beachside thrills, and premium amenities. 


This award-winning pet-friendly resort offers accommodation at a small cost for pets with weight under 40 pounds. Your dogs can enjoy outdoor comfort with the resort providing a personal portable hut to shade them from the sun. They also offer special massages and treats for your pet. 

Rome Cavalieri

Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, is in Rome, Italy. Rome is a city of culture, deep history, and Arts, and this hotel allows you to enjoy and soak in the city’s beauty without neglecting your beloved pets. Enjoy amenities like a rooftop bar, a grand spa, and many others.


At Rome Cavalieri, there’s so much for your pet to enjoy. They offer various healthy dining options for your pet; there’s also a pet spa close to the resort that you can treat your pet to. You can also purchase personalized stuff for your pet, making it a pleasant visit for the pets. 

Mandarin Oriental Miami

The Mandarin Oriental Miami is located in Florida, United States. It’s one of the best hotels you can visit, with the guarantee that you and your pet will enjoy the visit. It offers rooms with mind-blowing views, top-rated spa service, live music, and many more in a peaceful environment. What more do you need to ask for?


For your pets, the hotel offers a top-rated pet program that makes your pet feel like a king. From special pet treats to healthy, natural pet cuisines, nothing is spared. Your pet also gets a gold collar tag from the hotel. 

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