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Attention, “Jurassic Park” Fans! Here Are Some Dinosaur Questions To Test Anyone’s Fossil-Mad Mind

In his recently released memoir Did I Ever Tell You This?, actor Sam Neill reflected on the near-death experience while shooting Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park in Hawaii. “We were told to return to the hotel because a hurricane was expected later in the day.” A few hours before Hurricane Iniki hit, they herded the entire cast and crew into a ballroom. They were surrounded by the wreckage of their massive resort hotel within three to four hours of the storm hitting. They could have went extinct like the subjects of the movie. If you are a fossil freak like Neill, you should probably know a few interesting facts about dinosaurs by now.

Warm-blooded or cold-blooded?

On this subject, scientists usually have differing perspectives. Some paleontologists believe that all dinosaurs were “warm-blooded” in the same way that modern birds and mammals are, having fast metabolic rates. Other scientists believe that no dinosaur could not have had a fast metabolic rate.

Photo: Getty Images

Some scientists believe that because of their large body size, very big dinosaurs may have had warm bodies, similar to how some sea turtles do today. Some dinosaurs may have been warm-blooded. However, it is difficult to find evidence that unequivocally demonstrates what dinosaur metabolisms were like.

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