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How Cute! Here Are Some Memorable Fictional Pets We Would All Love To Have At Home

Do you have a pet at home? If so, you have probably taken the time to choose a name for them that meant a lot to you. Perhaps they get their name from a mythical figure or a funny characteristic they have. Or, you may have chosen to name them after a fictional pet that earned a place in your heart. We could never guess just how many orange Tabbis were named “Garfield” after that witty lasagna-loving character – but one thing is sure, he is one of the many iconic fictional pets we would love to have at home.


Since he first appeared in Disney’s 2010 animated film Tangled, Pascal has stolen our hearts with his feisty personality. Sure, he might not say a single word, but his movements and facial expressions tell us exactly what he thinks. And he has had more than one stellar appearance.

Image courtesy of Disney Wiki | Fandom

Pascal appears in Tangled, and the less-known TV sequels, but he briefly appears in another Disney film. However, as you might know, Disney animators add little easter eggs to their movies, and a silhouette of Pascal can be seen on a medal in Chief Bogo’s office in Zootopia.

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